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Welcome to The Olive Branch Nursery website. Please take a few moments to enjoy our site and get to know our nursery. We specialize in commercial olive propagation, but try and do more than just sell olive trees, and like to give honest advice on what you may need, be it plants, equipment or general olive growing information.

We are a family owned and run business, established in 2004 by Barry and Jean Hanna, with the nursery located on our small-holding outside of Wellington in the Boland.

At The Olive Branch Nursery we are passionate about our plants, and all care is taken in sourcing the best material that is certified “true to type”. Trees are propagated in sterile media, grown on in premium organic potting mix, and only environmentally responsible organic and natural pesticides are used in our nursery. As they grow, the young trees are finger pruned and trained to a central leader, staked and labelled according to cultivar, with other pertinent information appearing on the label. Our mission is to produce trees of excellent quality, at the most competitive price.

Adding value to this experience, we are able to supply you with all your future olive needs:

Our aim is to supply you with a total planting, processing and packaging service.

We are a registered nursery and a member of SA Olive.